easier said than done

August 24, 2010 § 2 Comments

one palm down on the knee
accepting what is,
accepting what could be –
the other palm up
on my right knee;
half lotus seated comfortably,
baby at breast
sleeping peacefully.

get it all out,
to get to where
i’m supposed to be:

i don’t care if i’m a starving artist.
you can recognize me when i’m dead.

don’t temper it,
because then it’s not real.
we are the filters,
the crystal diffusers
of light in the dark,
synthesizing all that we see,
hear, taste, touch, smell, breathe,
a perfect shade of cigarettegreydeathlypallor,
enjoy life for all she gives to you,
suck the marrow right from her bones,
we all go down the same road
and we know,
you know,
sit still,
look into your heart,
there is change coming.

when i take my glasses off, i do not see,
but that does not mean i stop to believe
there are other worlds than this
which exist around, below, above, between, and within me.

entirely too much energy of mine
is being spent on where i’d like to be
in a few months from now.
turn up the volume
and the bass
and boomshakalaka to a few years from now.
forward thinking only works
when you fast forward far enough ahead.
otherwise, i’m still caught in the game
of keeping up with the jetsons, joneses, kardashians –
why is it so hard to concentrate?
why is it so hard to turn it all off?
shake me up like a can of pop,
pop the cap and explode all envy and empathy
until i get back to empty
and see i’m still here,
and all is well with the world.

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