work in progress

August 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

fake it, force it, push on through.
do whatever you need to do.

we all raise the bar,
& the bars close down.

it is better to go to sleep & dream
& remember what the world was like
when we were young
& the west was one
with the whole land mass
& the pot first called the kettle black.
betty boiled the water down,
slowly as ever,
watching it all the way
from inception
to the point of rolling
on the floor
in real life
while giving this fresh squeezed water
to every poor pore
craving life! life! life!
“we want to live!”
they said,
and to whom?

who listened?

who created?

who birthed betty and beulah and bobby sue?

who was the mother of all?

father time?

we all explode out of black holes
– thoughts&dreamers&poetsalike –
spanning eternity & existance
from infinity’s edge
to the arc of acknowledgement
& satisfaction
at the fact that we can know we are real.

and how do we know?

who told us so?

who listened?

do you hear me?

i conceptualized you in another dream,
& who dreamed me?

figments of each other’s wild imaginations,
we are.

drink, drink, drink it up,
the bars will close down
as we hold one another to higher standards,
raising all brothers and sisters up to greater hights
& new vantage points
to better see the lights
pointing back inside of our heads
telling us that we did this,
we did this,
take credit now
for creating
this wonderful mess.
fix it.
frame it.
fuck it.
how else do you think this happened?
“immaculate lies,” i tell you
in the teal room.
you will read this
on your teleprompter
in the 35th century,
while somnombulant waves
broadcast bouantly
throughout my brainscape.

it is better to go to bed early,
dream of the time before time,
close the bars down,
drink deep of the water,
fill up the kettle for your next of kin,
boil – but be patient,
purification takes its sweet southern time.

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