beauty breakthrough

August 4, 2010 § 1 Comment

why am i afraid of my own beauty?
why i am afraid of my own beauty:
there is a small black hole inside me
where no matter how much light i fill my life with
it never ever dissipates.
my fixes are always temporary.
plaster crumbles when it rains.
drugs eventually leave my system,
but always leave me emptier than before.
sugar spikes my blood
and caffeine speeds my heart rate,
but neither fuel me up for the long haul.
i’ve lost touch with my senses,
i hardly feel anything when i touch at all.
my skin is too thick
to appreciate the subtle caresses
of natural beauty.
could it be envy?
i watch those who are so shiny, smooth, and polished
and wonder, “when do they have time to shine?”
sometimes i am a moon reflecting these starlets light;
sometimes i am a sun radiating warmth and love and fright.
i’m so scared.
i’m so scarred.
i’m so dangerous.
i’m burning out
and slipping down
the rabbit hole
faster than light.
it started when i was young, i was curious.
i already knew there was something wrong with my body.
shamed, from an early age.
but they were wrong.
they took advantage of my trusting nature
and their position of power.
i will not be taken advantage of again
by the spiral inside my own mind.
how did one little spot spiral out of control?
nearly twenty years later, this has gotten old.
it’s okay to be naked.
my skin is beautiful.
i will not be shamed into hiding it anymore.
not with clothing,
not with scabs and scars,
not with makeup,
nothing will detract from the beauty i possess,
both outwardly and from within.
i will not poison myself with drugs and alcohol,
sugary treats and caffeinated drinks.
i can and will and do
shine right from the inside.
i love my own beauty.
i embrace my own beauty.
i am my own beauty.

§ One Response to beauty breakthrough

  • Beautiful poem :) It’s interesting that many individuals (at least, the oens I’ve spoken to) are so shy about nudity, and feel so asahmed to show off their bodies. People were born naked, are naturally naked, yet we’re taught it’s wrong to be naked. It’s so messed up. Great poetry, keep it coming!

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