of Drinks; on Death

October 17, 2004 § 2 Comments

they’ll surely mention you were an alcoholic, since you’ve either passed
or are past the point of self-medication with liquor.
oh, we all have our vices, and then our predispositions.
mixed drinks in mixed company leads to these conditions.
you can see it, but you still won’t believe—
or maybe too much wine has left you blind;
with perceptions blurred you pay it no mind.
sometimes you can be so kind,
but every act is tainted with an evil bind.
some torturous drive to criticize
guides your tongue to make such callous remarks
in which you always choose to emphasize
the goods you’ve done and all the joy you’ll continue to bring
to the lives of those who never praised a higher being.
onward, you Christian soldier! Godspeed you to His kingdom on high,
because once you rest there peacefully, your cutting comments will subside.
no, that isn’t true, I don’t wish you would die,
it’s just that, surely, a lesser soul would have broken down and cried.

it might be that you just don’t notice what those words you’re saying mean,
and how you say them is so meaningless in the grander scheme.

another of life’s lessons long since taught and learned,
and once again I’ve come out on top, full marks, flying colors;
now it’s long since due I return to my brother.
tell me, dearest, in the end—what is it you’ve discovered?


§ 2 Responses to of Drinks; on Death

  • nygoldfish54 says:

    I don’t know if you really wanted anyone reading your poems, so I only read a few, but I really think your poems are very beautiful.
    Keep writing, SLQ. Don’t ever stop.

    • Little Q says:

      i do want people reading my poems, especially if they’re going to leave lovely comments like this! (thank you, i really appreciate it, kristine.) ha, and i don’t think i could stop writing even if i tried. ;)

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