sticks and stepping stones

August 3, 2003 § Leave a comment

it’s curious to me
the way you look this way
the way you scan my features
the way you cast your eyes away
when i catch you in the act
you think you react
with the quickness of a cat
you think i don’t notice
when you turn to your friends
and you spout off crude remarks
then you try to make amends
just because justice wears a blindfold
doesn’t mean that she can’t smell a rat
and your a fool if you think your any better than that
and i know for a fact that you do
so your a fool and a foe, you ain’t no friend of mine
apology not accepted this time
won’t even take a rain check
all access denied
you’ve played this game out
this is the end
we once had a friendship, but i can only bend
so far
and it’s clear now that i’ve snapped
and yes it hurts
to think of all the time that i wasted
in your shadow
as you put me down
on your quest for popularity
well, i don’t need your “charity”
it’s so sad, it’s so pathetic
that now you won’t leave me alone
what happened to your throne?
it’s not so easy to get up there without your stepping stone…
is it?


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