at the back of the bus

August 3, 2003 § Leave a comment

at the back of the bus
is where it all goes down
all the hip cats scattin’
as we cruise around the town
the beat is like the bump
of the bass from the stereo
like the pounding of my heart in my eardrums
here we go…
bump, bump, bump-bump, ba-bump
like the man on my left
he thinks it’s so hysterical
this man is *crazy*
laughin’ like a maniac
three seats down i see this boy tryin’ to mack
on this chickadee
the both of them too busy
to appreciate the scenery
of the city
as it flies by outside the window
but then it stops
everything comes to a halt
i pause and listen
and the beat is like
bump, bump, bump-bump, ba-bump
bumper to bumper
and the traffic’s like
beep, beep, beep-beep, ba-beep
and the clouds are like mountains
far off on the horizon
mostly i see blue skies rising
or just skyscrapers
but where are all the murders
that i read about inside the papers?
the city ain’t so pretty
when your out there on the streets
but from my window seat
i only hear the
bump, bump, bump-bump, ba-bump
i only hear the
beep, beep, beep-beep, ba-beep
i look over your shoulder as you drift off to sleep
i want the keys to the city,
want the keys to you heart
i want to hear it beat
bump, bump, bump-bump, ba-bump
for me
bump, bump, bump-bump, ba-bump
it’s a mystery
i’ll never know, how did i find you?
what ailments blind you
to all the fault within me?
i’m like the city
you must watch me from a distance
view my existence through the windows of your soul
sometimes i can be so cold
it’d be more fitting if i could walk the streets alone
than to fit into your arms like we were meant to grow old
with each other
my darling, you’re gold
but will you stay?
the sun is setting, we may yet make it another day
lady luck may just be on our side this time
you give a sigh…
and the scatmen scat
at the back of the bus
and the beat keeps flowin’
and it’s all about us
and the beat keeps going’
bump, bump, bump-bump, ba-bump
our hearts in tune, thumpin’
bump, bump, bump-bump, ba-bump
and it all goes down
at the back of the bus


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