The Time-Turner

February 27, 2003 § Leave a comment

I’m busy walking westward
Where the sun has yet to set
And the days are far from numbered
But where I’m going I cannot get

Longer become the days that I live
Greater becomes the love that I give
Farther apart are the people I know

Because the longer I march
The more westward I trek
The farther back in time I get
And I regret this path I’ve chosen
Though my limbs are not yet frozen
For the sun never sets on my eastern shore
Because there is only west
And the only rising and setting I see
Are the dunes of the desert or the waves out at sea
And I’m going oh-so-fast
And the is no time to rest
Out in the west

I’ve circled the planet whole
But by the time I’m back where I started
A year’s gone by and friends are old
A year’s gone by that I have not aged
Though I feel it in my bones
All three hundred and sixty-five days
But I’ve lived none
Even when my eyelids did fall
And time did pass by
(But not enough to be measured
In increments so small)

I may have lost a day or two
I may have touched the lives of few
I may be moving westward still
May the sun not set ’til I am through

I’m traveling through time quickly
And the years go by so fast
The decades are far from numbered
Where I’m going I hope I won’t pass

Shorter become the days you strain
Greater becomes the knowledge I gain
None of these people are those that I know

Because the longer I travel
The more westward I trek
The farther back in time I get
I do regret this path I’ve chosen
But inertia keeps me going
As gravity’s pull becomes a bit greater
And I’m feeling as though I’m creating a crater
As I follow the equator
Through the streets of Quito
Right down to the bottom of the ocean floor
And the world’s going oh-so-fast
But there is no time to rest
Out in the west

I’ve circled the planet whole
A hundred times over to the days of old
A hundred times over but I’m still young and bold
Centuries go by
Or rather, are re-wound
And though I’m back where I started
Only the ancestors of those I know can be found
But I know none, even if this is my past
(It would take seconds to sort it out
But who’s got that sort of time to pass?)

I may be younger by a week or two
I may have altered the future for few
I still am moving westward ’til
The sun does set when I am through

I’m meandering casually westward
While the world’s going backwards double-time
And the millennia are far from numbered
With Judgment Day on my mind

Creatures de-evolve into those that long ago lived
A beam of light surrounds the planet
Like one of Saturn’s rings

The world beneath me’s been put on shuffle-repeat
And the same has been done to my mind
And I’m sifting through it all trying to find
The right moment in time
I put the world on hold
And every telephone in Heaven and Hell
Plays elevator music for eons
Iota’s, I-owe-you-one’s and more
It must be sorted out
Though what I’ve done I do abhor
In a whirl of deja vu a wave of nostalgia passed me by
The summer wind breezed past my ear
Suddenly it all became clear

I plucked the fruits from the Tree of Knowledge
And baked them in a pie
Wrapped it in a hand basket
And sent it off to Hell
What the heck, might as well!
Skipping freely eastward
I stopped by the corner store
To pick up some cherry-flavored Apocalypse Now and Later’s
(My conscience was burning a hole in my pocket
And I couldn’t help but spend it on candies galore)

I know I’ve changed the world today
And Saint Peter’s still standin’ by those pearly gates
Heaven and Hell may be at a stalemate
But the sun’s a-settin’ and sleep can’t wait


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