The 5th Dimension

October 27, 2002 § Leave a comment

As I was swinging on a swing
I swung too high into the sky
Into a world unsuspected,
Far away, yet so close by.

Now I’m in the 5th Dimension,
Did I mention my intention?
It was fighting evil doers
While in this suspicious suspension.

After a brief battle with Bartholomew the Bad
I took a breather in the bathroom and used my celli to call my dad,
He said, “Sarah Lee, what do you think you’re doing?
You’re going to miss dinner; the beef stew is stewing!”

So now I’m waiting at the station
For the bus to civilization
Out of the 5th Dimension
To eat my dinner and some raisins.

Then who did I spy with my spy eye?
Why, it was Bob Dole and Uncle Sally, eating apple pie!
Then Sharon the Swift, the swiper witch
Stole their apple pie!

I had to think quickly,
So I called my sidekick, Stick Stickly.
Then we beat up Sharon Swift,
And we did it rather swiftly.

Bob Dole and Uncle Sally stopped to thank us,
But I had to catch my bus, or instead of dinner I’d be eating dust.
So as I was leaving, before I said goodbye,
I made up a little rhyme for them to remember me by, I said:

“Hey, hey, what can I say?
This is a job that just doesn’t pay…
But I’m saving your butts from the cuts and the scrapes
And the bruises and bangs of inter-dimensional gangs.



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